Hormonal Contraceptive Methods

A small T-shaped device inserted into the uterus, releases hormones, lasts for 3-5 years


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The Implant

A small plastic rod inserted in the inside of the upper arm, releases hormones, lasts for 3 years


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The injection 

An injection given even every 3 months by a doctor or nurse

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The Pill

A tablet you can take the same time every day, different types

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The patch

A small and sticky patch, changed once a week,  releases hormones through the skin

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The ring

A small and plastic ring, inserted into the vagina, releases hormones. Change every 3-4 weeks

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Disclaimer: This guide is meant to give you information about the contraceptive options available but should not be used as a replacement for a medical opinion. If you have any worries or suspect you have a sexually transmitted infection please approach an appropriate health care professional!

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