Non- Hormonal Contraceptive Methods


Small T-shaped device, inserted into the uterus, non-hormonal, lasts for 5-10 years


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Natural Family Planning

Tracking your cycle to identify the fertile and infertile days of the month.


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A barrier method that prevents STIs. Can be placed on the penis or inside the vagina


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Sterilisation: Tubal Occlusion

A permanent surgical procedure that blocks the tubes that carry the egg


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Circular dome inserted inside the vagina
before sex, prevents sperm reaching  uterus

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Sterilisation: Vasectomy

A permanent surgical procedure to seal the tubes that carry sperm


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Disclaimer: This guide is meant to give you information about STIs but should not be used as a replacement for a medical opinion. If you have any worries or suspect you have a sexually transmitted infection please approach an appropriate health care professional!

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