Dr. Ifewumi Fagunwa

Founder & Executive Director

Ifewumi is a qualified doctor, obtaining her medical degree from University College London (UCL) and a Neuroscience graduate from King's College London. She has a long standing interest in health care policy and a particular interest in women's rights, sexual health and psychosexual health. She has always been passionate about health and education and believes that both are fundamental human rights. Ifewumi has experience working in policy development and is a trained sex educator. She has extensive experience working with a multitude of health care and sexual health organisations including Cancer Research UK, Sexpression:UK and Education for Choice as well as previously serving on the Youth Advisory Council for the Family Planning Association in the UK. She is also on the young women's advisory council for Forward:UK - a charity focused on ending FGM and gender-based violence. Finally, she currently sits on the board of trustees for Sexpression:UK. These experiences have further fuelled her desire to create an organisation like SHAKE Africa.

As the founder of SHAKE Africa Ifewumi hopes that the organisation will serve as a catalyst to better sexual health nationally. She believes in equipping youth with tools that enable them to make safe and informed decisions. Through SHAKE she is ready to broach taboo, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing topics in a bid to help improve sexual health outcomes in Nigeria. Ifewumi has a strong conviction to improve the state of her country's health and to positively impact women. She hopes that through the NGO's work, young women will feel empowered to embrace female sexuality and that sexually transmitted infections and unsafe abortions will soon be a thing of the past.

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