Sterilisation: Vasectomy

This a permanent surgical procedure that is not typically offered to young people. It is for people who are sure that they do not want any more children. 

How it works

  • An operation is done where the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis (the vas deferens) are cut, sealed or tied

  • The sperm therefore cannot reach an egg

  • This is a permanent procedure and not typically reversible



  • High success rate - only 1 in 2000 procedures fail

  • Does not affect sex

  • Do not have to think about contraception (although it does not protect STIs so condoms may still be needed)

  • Can be performed under local anaesthetic


  • Not easily reversible

  • Rarely some men experience on-going testicular pain. Treatment for this is often unsuccessful

  • Need time to recover after the procedure and there may be some pain after the procedure 

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