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Emergency Contraception Decoded

Happy Independence Day to you all! Nigeria is 59!!!!!!!

Sooo SHAKE family, what does independence mean to you? To us, it means being empowered to make decisions for yourself. Decisions that allow you to be the best version of yourself. CONTRACEPTION allows you to do just that!. It allows you to decide if and when you want to start a family, it allows you to protect yourself. So with that in mind we're going to talk..... EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION! Right, let’s  get to it!


So you've just completed a solid session with your boyfriend Kunle, he goes to the toilet only to return and say 'Erm Nnenna, I think the condom split small'.

Your heart skips a beat, you start sweating, you imagine the slap your mum will administer when you tell her you're pregnant.

You're too young for a baby, you're yet to graduate, is Kunle even the one?! His head shape is somehow and you're not sure you want that for your kids. All these thoughts are racing through your mind. A look of dread consumes your face 'Kunle how can you be so careless?!' to which Kunle responds 'this babe chill now, it wasn't my fault. Sha isn't that why there's the morning after pill?'

You breathe a sigh of relief 'oh yeah'. Maybe Kunle's oblong head is good for something after all.


Sound familiar?

This situation is all too common.

Condoms split, go out of date, maybe you get caught up in the moment and forget it all together. You miss your pill, he doesn't pull out in time and you're left in a state of apprehension wondering what to do.

So back to the story...


You're starting to feel better when you realise.. You've never taken emergency contraception before. All you know is that your friend Shalewa got pregnant even though she took it and one aunty at church told you it's a form of abortion.

You start telling Kunle your fears, secretly hoping for some reassurance and notice the look of trepidation plastered across his face. He looks petrified! But then you notice a smile suddenly sweep across his face. A smile of relief.  ‘I’m sure it will be fine’ 

You’re not sure why he’s smiling. Of course he thinks it’s fine! He‘s not the one everyone will be staring at when you're the size of a whale and have melons for breasts!

Kunle why are you smiling?! Do you know how scared I am?’ Kunle chuckles a little, puts his arm around you and says ’Nnenna don't worry! I just remembered my friends told me about this organisation called SHAKE Africa. Apparently they literally tell you everything you need to know about this stuff. In fact, let's log on to the website now and check out their video - I've heard they have one on emergency contraception'.

The name sounds familiar but more than anything you just want to know WHAT ON EARTH YOU SHOULD DO!' The two of you settle down on the sofa and click play...

You exclaim 'WOWUUU! Who knew there were so many options? And how did they know my name?! Sha, I'm free from the bondage of stress!' You book an appointment with the doctor with incredible haste and decide you'll get the IUD (at least you can leave it in and have long-term protection - you're not getting yourself into this position again!)

Phewwwwwww - crisis averted!


Soooo there you have it! Emergency Contraception is an effective way of preventing pregnancy... in EMERGENCIES!

P.S. To protect against STIs.... use a condom!

Thanks for joining us guys!


Your good friends at SHAKE Africa x

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