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Dr. Ifewumi Fagunwa

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tola Akinyemi

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

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Ifewumi is a qualified medical doctor from University College London (UCL) and a Neuroscience graduate from King's College London. She has a long standing interest in health care policy and a particular interest in women's rights, sexual health and psychosexual health. She has always been passionate about health and education and believes that both are fundamental human rights. Ifewumi has experience working in policy development and is a trained sex educator. She has extensive experience working with a multitude of health care and sexual health organisations including Cancer Research UK, Sexpression:UK and Education for Choice as well as previously serving on the Youth Advisory Council for the Family Planning Association in the UK. These experiences have further fuelled her desire to create an organisation like SHAKE Africa. 

As the founder of SHAKE Africa Ifewumi hopes that the organisation will serve as a catalyst to better sexual health nationally. She believes in equipping youth with tools that enable them to make safe and informed decisions. Through SHAKE she is ready to broach taboo, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing topics in a bid to help improve sexual health outcomes in Nigeria. Ifewumi has a strong conviction to improve the state of her country's health and to positively impact women. She  hopes that through the NGO's work, young women will feel empowered to embrace female sexuality and that sexually transmitted infections and unsafe abortions will soon be a thing of the past.

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Tola is an experienced marketeer with a wealth of knowledge in various areas of marketing including product communication and packaging, social media, campaigns (brand and social), partnerships, local store marketing across 250+ restaurants and store format. Furthermore with over 5 years in the marketing industry, she has learnt the fundamentals and successfully applied them to multiple large organisations within the retail and hospitality industry.


She successfully completed a degree in Business Management and achieved a CIM (Chartered of Institute in Marketing) diploma which demonstrates her drive driven and passionate for marketing which is applied to everything she works on. 


Born in Nigeria and spending her early years of her childhood up until the age of 5, she moved with her family to live in the UK. Tola still visits Nigeria regularly. Her visits home to Nigeria exposes her to seeing the potential of what Nigeria could be if young adults were fully informed on the resources available to them. Being a young woman, a Christian and Nigerian born, the ‘unconventional’ topics surrounding sexual health or even sex just didn’t happen in households. One is brought up to read their bible and focus on school books. It is assumed that all other personal relationships and life experiences will come when you are much older. 


Moreover, things have changed, young adults are either left with no information or are seeking their information through friends and online forums. Applying her marketing experience, Tola intends to ensure SHAKE is the bridge to providing informative, concise and accurate information that will reach and resonate with young adults through all forms of communication. Her goal is to use SHAKE to start the conversations that aren’t typically discussed in the African households.


Through her travels around the world, learning about different countries and their cultures, Tola has been empowered and inspired by the way other cultures approach this topic. These experiences have strengthened her ability to be better equipped when speaking/communicating to wider audiences. Furthermore, her personal narrative is challenged based on how she sees the world and the impact and contribution she wants to make to the development of Africa and the next generation.


The combination of her Nigerian heritage, experience living in two different continents whilst also travelling the world is why SHAKE is so dear to her heart. Combined with her marketing background the experience and the knowledge that she possesses is why she is eager to add value and impact the continent of Africa along with the next generation.