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Safer is Sexy

Happy Valentines Day in advance SHAKE Family,

Whether you'll be spending it cuddled up with bae or having quality time with a glass of rosé (yes I'm a poet) we hope you have a fantastic day (oooooo damn, I killed it!)

Safer is sexy

Now as its international condom day and valentines day tomorrow, its definitely the perfect opportunity for us to talk to you about our little plastic friend - the condom. Why? Because safer is sexy!

As with most things sexual health there are plenty of myths swirling around about condoms sooo being the ultimate myth busters that we are, we are about to dispel some of them for you.

5 condom myths SHAKE are shaking out

1. Sex doesn't feel as good with a condom

Please o don't buy into this one. When both parties know they can have sex without worrying about contracting STIs or unwanted pregnancies this can make sex more enjoyable for both.

2. Two condoms are better than1

No o! Two condoms increases friction and the likelihood that one or both condoms will break. Please, just wear 1 and keep a second back up condom on hand.

3. Condoms aren't affective

All this anti-condom propaganda pains me sha. Condoms are extremely effective - when condoms are used correctly, which means opening the condom carefully, placing the condom on an erect penis, and having adequate water-based lubrication, they effectively prevent the transmission of most STIs, including HIV, and prevent pregnancy 98% of the time.

With typical use however, that risk does fall to 84% - to learn more about condoms click here!

4. Size doesn't matter

Ehn, not always but with condoms they do o. Be honest with yourself, don't buy XXL just to flex abeg. Using the right size condom is important! If the condom you are using is too large it can slip off, and if it is too small it can break during sex.

5. If you have condoms, you're wayward or promiscuous

No. Just No. And that's all I have to say about that.

So there you have it, our condom myths busted!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Sending so much loveee

And remember Safer is Sexy!


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